Who is this training for?

Front Line staff working directly with service users who experience mental health difficulties


Aim of this training


The aim of this training is to ensure that individuals have the resilience and skills to prevent vicarious trauma from developing. Using our in-depth knowledge of trauma and lived experience, we have developed a unique package of services to support staff who are at risk to ensure that they remain mentally healthy, productive, and motived.

While we have a set of services that we recommend, we also understand that every organisation is different and as such we will work closely with you to ensure that what we deliver is in line with your own goals. In order to demonstrate the impact of our work, we ensure that all our support is robustly evaluated and measurable which you can show to your funders, senior management team and/or board. We strongly care about the work we do and want to ensure that the impact we make is long-term and sustainable.

We not only teach others on the subject but everything we include in our sessions is something that our trainers both live and practice daily.

What will participants learn in this training

As a result of this training, staff will:

❖    be able understand what vicarious trauma is.
❖    be able to recognise symptoms of vicarious trauma in themselves.
❖    be able to use coping strategies to prevent vicarious trauma from developing.
❖    improve their overall well-being which results in them feeling more competent in their role                and less likely to leave the organisation.
❖    feel valued as a member of staff by your organisation as a result of you recognising the                     impact of Vicarious Trauma and offering support.


Roxanne Kerr (Director of Helix Trauma Training and Consultancy) and Michael Byrne (Director of Lived Experience Trauma Support)

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