Who is this training for?

Leaders and managers within organisations that care about the mental health of their staff and aspire to have a happy motivated workforce.

Aim of this training 

Opening up about a mental health condition or illness in the workplace can be challenging to say the least. Many fear that if do tell their manager about their difficulties that they could potentially be seen as unfit to do their job and therefore risk losing it. In fact statistics show that only 13% would feel comfortable about talking about their mental health at work . Without the required support however recovery and the management of their mental health may be impossible. 

The aim of this training is to equip you with tools to  begin a conversation with your staff about mental health in a safe environment which is both supportive and productive. 

What will I learn in this training? 

As a result of this training, you will:

❖   Understand the impact that poor mental health can have on your staff. 

❖   Learn tips which will help you improve your mental health policies and procedures.
❖    Learn practical tools to encourage your staff to open up about their mental health.




This training will be delivered by Roxanne Kerr (Director of Helix Trauma Training and Consultancy) and Michael Byrne (Lived Experience Trauma Support)

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