Who is this training for?

Leaders and managers within organisations that ​care about the security of their data and that of their clients and value the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. 

Aim of this training 

The aim of this training is to provide you with unique insight into ​cyber security threats and how threats can impact people’s mental health and wellbeing and what can be done about it. The training will also explore innovative ways to move cyber security from a technical to an organisational culture centred approach.

What will I learn in this training? 

As a result of this training, you will:

❖    be able to understand the impact of cyber security threats on the mental health of your staff.
❖    be able to understand why this occurs.
❖    Learn strategies you can use within your own organisation which will reduce your staffs stress                    levels and at the same time improve the cyber security of your business.




This training will be delivered by Roxanne Kerr (Director of Helix Trauma Training and Consultancy) and Scott Tees (Decode Cyber Solutions)

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