The arrival of Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our entire way of life; affecting everyone across the globe in one form or another. Even for those who have not been working on the front line, it has left many of us feeling unsafe and uncertain about the future. 

When individuals experience an event which is both challenging and unexpected such as Covid-19, we are biologically wired to deal with the threatening situation by engaging our stress response. However when this response does not work as it should, it can escalate to chronic stress, fear, anxiety and even PTSD.

This can be extremely challenging as an employer, especially when you yourself may be dealing with difficult emotions  due to Covid-19. As well as having responsibility for yourself, you also have the added responsibilities of looking after the well-being of your staff and ensuring that your business continues to run effectively.  In addition, you may also be managing staff who are concerned and feel fearful about even returning to work.

Reducing individuals stress levels and creating a sense of safety for your staff is essential in combating the mental health repercussions of Covid-19 and there are a wide range of things that you can put in place to help with this.  


Our Top 10 Tips 


Practice active listening and give staff space to speak without judgement.


Ask your staff what they need from you as a manger


Create a safe place where your staff can go to if they feel overwhelmed.


Encourage team bonding by creating opportunities for staff to engage together in fun activities.


Show sincere appreciate to your staff by identifying things that they are doing well and reflecting this back to them.


Ensure that staff are taking adequate breaks and getting the opportunity to go for a walk during the working day.


Encourage walking meetings which will help to reduce stress levels especially if having a difficult conversations


Be open and honest about your own fears. Demonstrating your own vulnerability will encourage staff to open up and help you to build trust


Talk to your staff about what stress and anxiety looks like which will help to normalise what they are going through


Introduce daily breathing exercises into your working day. 

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