Experiencing trauma can have a devastating effect on individuals and can leave them struggling daily thus impacting on their ability to carry out their job.


Some of the types of traumatic experiences that commonly affects someone in the workplace include:


  • Death of a colleague

  • Natural disaster

  • A crisis such as Coronavirus

  • Non-work-related trauma such as grief or assault

  • Assault at work

  • Workplace bullying

  • Front line staff working in the emergency services


One reason for this is that trauma often causes a decrease in cognitive abilities including  concentration, memory, attention and information processing. The stress from the traumatic event can not only effect the individual but the relationships around them which in the workplace can cause a breakdown in workplace relationships and communication. 

Chronic levels of stress can also have a similar impact and if not dealt with can escalate and have severe implications on someones mental health.

We can work in collaboration with you to provide a tailored package of support, guidance and training which can:

  • Help those managing staff with trauma and those dealing with their own trauma to better understand the impact that trauma can have while at work


  • Reduce staff stress levels and support you to put strategies in place to prevent stress levels escalating


  • Build resilience and prevent long-term mental health problems developing as a result of traumatic experiences

  • Support staff to reduce the symptoms they have experienced because of their trauma and provide them with skills to manage it. 

We can also work alongside you and provide absence management advice in order to assist members of staff who are signed off work due to a traumatic event, return to work. 

Supporting your staff to deal with trauma not only demonstrates to your staff that their well being is of the upmost importance to you but can increase overall productivity and reduce long term staff absence which will be beneficial to your business.

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