Helix Trauma Training and Consultancy was founded by Roxanne Kerr, a qualified trauma therapist with a background of supporting the long-term unemployed back in to work.

Roxanne has several years’ experience working with clients who have been exposed to traumatic events in various settings, many of which had developed PTSD or Complex PTSD as a result. In addition to her wealth of knowledge in the subject of trauma, she is an accomplished project manager and trainer, having developed these skills while working in the third sector for 6 years.

Experiencing a traumatic event either at work or in someone’s personal life can have a hugely detrimental impact on an individual’s mental well-being and affect their ability to carry out their job. It is something that we see time and time again and sadly this problem is only likely to increase due to the current Convid-19 pandemic.

Helix Trauma Training and Consultancy was established support workplaces to manage the negative impact of trauma and increase the well-being, productivity, and resilience of the staff.

What makes our company different is our emphasis on collaborative working and our care and attention to detail when designing support for our clients.

We work in a person-centred way and adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct, always ensuring that we respect the confidentiality of our clients.









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